MDM: Deploy, Secure, and Support
your Enterprise Mobile
Environment in Minutes

Why Comodo?

  • Comodo puts the humanity back into MDM:
    Pay only for users, not devices!

  • Full security coverage with state of the art,
    patent pending built-in anti-virus engine

  • Cloud based means you have no server costs,
    easy installation and always up to date

  • Define device and identity certificates
    from a trusted Certificate Authority - COMODO

  • Already a major player in the mobile industry
    with Comodo Mobile Security for Android™


Device and Data

Ensure the security of all corporate or employee-owned devices with configured restrictions and security policies, secure user and device certificates, and continuous monitoring to keep all devices compliant and malware free.

Manage Applications, Devices,
and Network Security

Manage the lifecycle of the device and its data by setting user, device and application level policies, configuring app whitelists and blacklists, and requiring that all enrolled devices be encrypted, and compliant when enabling access to corporate email.

Multiple Platform support for
(Mobile Security Management)

Reliable and scalable platform support with comprehensive visibility and control over iOS® and Android™ devices. Freedom of choice and no surprise costs with user based licenses.


  • Device
  • Profile
  • Asset
  • Application
  • Security
  • Audit &

OTA Enrollment

Over-the-Air (OTA) enrollment of devices

Manually Enroll

Manually enroll mobile devices for management or allow users to enroll their own devices with LDAP credentials

Authenticate enrollment

Authenticate enrollment with a one-time passcode and/or user's Active Directory/LDAP credentials

Immediate Control

Immediately control devices with default profiles enforced during enrollment

Auto Initial Scan

Ensure the safety of devices and data with initial scan right after enrollment

Configure Policies

Auto-configure corporate accounts like email, Wi-Fi, VPN and define device compliance (Samsung KNOX supported)


Enforce restriction policies across mobile devices to control their usage and access of features. For instance, restrict use of the camera, iTunes, Safari browser, etc.

Management by Groups

Create user and device groups and deploy profiles to targeted audiences in seconds. For instance, create a group of users based on department or location or distinguish groups based on corporate or BYOD devices. Then, apply policies, restrictions, and distribute Apps to all devices in the group.

Corporate access

Control access to corporate email by whitelisting devices that are allowed to access the company mail server.

Persistent VPN

All traffic from managed Samsung KNOX devices can now be directed to your company VPN

Diagnostic Data

Capture all diagnostic details regarding hardware, software, configuration and applications

Device Inventory

Watch all devices with real time status to proactively manage your inventory and resources

Monitor Users and Devices

Monitor users and devices that access the company mail server

Application Inventory

Watch all applications deployed on devices with real-time inventory reports

Application Push

Define recommended (optional) and/or mandatory applications and push must have Enterprise and Store applications  

Blacklist Applications

Blacklist prohibited applications and require uninstallation from devices

Block Applications

Block undesired or suspicious applications for individual users

Instant Access to Comodo Mobile Tools

Leverage Comodo Mobile Security, Mobile Manager, Battery Saver and many more tools instantly

Application Store

Manage the Enterprise application store on devices


Enforce strict passcode and encryption policies to ensure data protection and prevent unauthorized access

Remote Lock

Prevent data leakage when device is lost or stolen

Complete Wipe

Prevent data loss or theft by erasing all corporate and personal data on the device data

Corporate Wipe

Prevent the leakage of corporate data should an employee leave the company. Only corporate data is removed from the employee-owned device, leaving personal data like contacts, photos, etc. intact

Anti-Malware Scan

Ensure the safety of devices and data with Comodo's integrated anti-virus engine, most secure mobile anti-virus solution with patent pending approach

Certificate Management

Assign identification and device certificates from a trusted Certificate Authority

Unsecure Devices

Detect and restrict root and jail broken devices

Data Isolation

Isolate data between managed and unmanaged applications

Real Time Protection

Scan new application installs with real time protection

Enforce Security Checks

Enforce “Unknown Source” and “Verify Apps” control

Sneak-Peak Antitheft

If somebody enters the wrong password on a lost or stolen device, CMDM controlled devices will automatically take a photo of the device holder and save it to a server with their picture and location

Audit Devices

Audit devices that are inactive or have forbidden Apps installed

Inventory Compliance

Audit all devices to ensure compliance with defined policies

Audit Activities

Audit device, user and admin activities


Capture detailed information for system monitoring, view logs in the console, and access out-of-the box reports to provide administrators with statistics about their deployment

MS Exchange Service Control Panel

Detailed logging and connection information improves visibility and troubleshooting with MS Exchange integrations.



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